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With the help of the scientific and technical department of Ultrastab, we can help you with the following:
Development and calculation of the pavement structure in the Indor Pavement system, which is designed for the calculation of road coverings of public highways, city streets and roads.
The result of this calculation is a document that includes a design drawing and a text report on the calculation. A transcript of the calculation is available in IndorPavement, which contains a detailed description of the calculation according to formulas, nomograms and tables from regulatory documents. At your request, we can prepare a feasibility study on the choice of the road surface design.

To perform the calculation of road clothes, we will need standard initial data for the calculation (road category, type of road clothes, road climate zone, humidification scheme, estimated soil moisture, compaction coefficient, freezing depth, service life, reliability level, composition and traffic intensity for the first year of operation).
In conclusion of the first two points, our company is ready for close cooperation with design institutes and joint solution of complex geotechnical tasks on a gratuitous basis.
If necessary, joint protection of design solutions from the customer.
Assistance in the development of a section of the construction organization project (laying schemes of geosynthetic materials, accounting of construction equipment and person-hour.)
A training presentation for the staff of the Institute, a demonstration of geotechnical calculations and calculations of road clothes on the territory of the Institute or on the VKS.
Perform geotechnical calculations of structures in the Geo 5 software package for slope stability, embankment reinforcement and embankment sediment.
The result of these calculations is a report that includes the calculations themselves with an indication of all the initial data, a conclusion, recommendations for the use of certain materials, a comparison of structures, a brief summary (statement of work volumes) and a drawing of the recommended design.
To perform geotechnical calculations, we will need: the name of the object, the customer, the location of the object, a plan, a longitudinal profile with geology, working transverse profiles, typical transverse profiles, a report on IGE (engineering and geological tests) or a copy of it with the main characteristics of soils.
Perform geotechnical calculations of structures (embankments of highways and railways, hydraulic structures, airfields, pits, etc. structures) in the PLAXIS 2D software package, which is a powerful and convenient finite element software package designed for two-dimensional calculations of deformations and stability of construction objects. PLAXIS is used worldwide by leading design companies and institutes in the field of civil and industrial construction.
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