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Engineering and technical support

Technical Ltd. "Ultrastab" department conducts consulting and technical support, both at the stage of design and construction phase. The team of experienced engineers able to develop a customized design solution, which will be distinguished by its efficiency and reliability in comparison with the standard.

Technical company "Ultrastab" department will always be able to offer you:

calculation of structural pavement layers with geosynthetics (calculation of stability of road construction, pavement strength calculation);

  • calculation of slope stability, retaining walls armogruntovyh;
  • development of individual design solutions on demand;
  • calculation and substantiation of economic efficiency of production;
  • development of technical advice on the use of the product;
  • technical supervision Implementation (installation supervision);
  • objects examination;
  • assistance in solving technical issues in the negotiations with customers building organizations.

Engineers' Ultrastab "LLC" constantly collaborate with leading laboratories, conducting field tests, laboratory tests (durability, stability) by improving the quality of products.

For a free design solution you can download form the collection of baseline data. Please fill in the form that corresponds to your project, send and we will contact you.

In addition, experts of the technical department of the company "Ultrastab" develop individual instruction on construction technology and packing materials provide the necessary technical documentation and calculations to support the project design, as well provide all the necessary documentation for the product (service, certificate, test reports, price list) .

Example of a comparative calculation of pavement structure

Option №1 (typical):

Variant №2 (proposed alternative):



Technical and economic comparison of variants of the pavement structure:


Measuring installation of dynamic loading device infraTest:

7.jpg   4.jpg

Measurement of static load setting appliance Testing Frowaq:

2.jpg   6.jpg

Testing of the samples: