Ultranit 3D
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Ultranit 3D - woven polyester geogrid (Geomat) in the 3D version, is made on the latest hi-tech German equipment. Ultranit 3D - spatial permeable geosynthetic material consisting of polymer filaments held together by mechanical means. It is intended to strengthen the surface of the embankments, slopes, slopes of subgrade in road construction, strengthening the coastline. It is used to increase soil stability mound surface area artificial landscape designs in current period of operation, and to retard and prevent soil erosion by water and wind, unevenness in temperature of precipitation and the changes in the base.

This type of geogrid increases the stability of sloping layer mounds and depressions wind and water erosion. Application Ultranit 3D geogrid allows the development of the most efficient in terms of the technical and economic benefits of structural solutions.


Material Options

"Ultranit 3D» reinforces and strengthens the base and inclined structures in slopes for the time development of the turf layer used in road construction and landscape, in combination with biological, carriers and insulative strengthening.


Ultranit 3D:

• Strengthening of the embankment slopes and shorelines of water bodies, cones of bridges and overpasses;

• Strengthening the slope excavation of roads, railways, construction of hydraulic structures;

• Increasing the steepness of slopes;

• Protection of slopes from landslides, erosion by wind and rain;

• Strengthening of the embankment slope roadbed excavation;

• Landscape design (pavements and garden paths, reinforced soil constructions, artificial reservoirs).







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