"Ultrastab" has mastered the production of import-substituting geotextile
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In "Ultrastab" mastered the production of import-substituting geotextile

On Monday, November 21 Ivanovo Region Governor Pavel Kon'kov familiarized with the activity of "Ultrastab", specializing in the production of high-tech geotextiles.

"This company - one of the first in the Ivanovo region, which is engaged in the processing of synthetic fibers and is a potential consumer of the raw material of the future plant for the production of PET," - said the head of the region.

The company "Ultrastab" was created within the framework of the program of import substitution and development of textile industrial cluster in the Ivanovo region. It was founded in 2015 and produces a wide range of woven polyester materials for road construction (woven fabric, geogrid with PVC and bitumen impregnated composite materials), and is engaged in the design and development of new high-tech materials for the construction of roads, bridges and tunnels.

"Geotextile - a modern material that is widely used today in the construction of roads. This technology not only leads to a saving of sand and gravel in construction, but also increases the strength of the pavement. Almost all federal highways today are built using this material, but until recently it was imported geotextiles ", - said the CEO" Ultrastab "Andrey Odintsov.

The governor got acquainted with the production process, examined the equipment and finished products warehouse, visited the laboratory of the enterprise. "The equipment installed here, presented the latest models of weaving machines of German manufacturers, which have no analogues in Russia. It allows you to produce a wide range of products, depending on customer requirements. Orders the company achieved in the months ahead, "- said Paul skates. Head of the region also added that investments in production totaled about 500 million rubles. Annual production is currently about 200 thousand sq. M. meters per month. The management plans - further development of the company.

In "Ultrastab" has its own laboratory, which is in cooperation with experts ISUCT, IVGPU and engineerin

g center for textile and light industry conducts research materials. On the basis of the enterprise is a training ground for students of Ivanovo universities, where they are, in practice, master advanced technology production of synthetic materials.