federal roads built from Ivanovo geosynthetics
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Federal highway from Ivanovo geosynthetics

A small plant for the production of woven polyester materials, mainly for road construction, has appeared near Teykovo just one year. The company was created in the framework of the program of import substitution and development of textile cluster of synthetic materials, visited the head of the region.
"The synthetic fiber, when it starts to be more extensive product line, - says Paul skates. - Teykovsky company can become a client of our plant. Now it is innovatory for the region's production, which invested significant investments. The equipment - the latest models of looms leading German manufacturers, which have no analogues in Russia. Current production is in great demand. Use of geosynthetics resulting in lower costs for road construction and increases the lifetime of objects. "

The company produces 70 million square meters of woven fabric and 200 thousand - geogrid monthly.

It does not rule out Pavel as on our roads can be used geo and geogrid. However, while these materials are used mainly on federal highways and far beyond our region.

According to the director of "Ultrastab" Andrey Odintsov, the company works closely with specialists ISUCT, IvGPU and engineering centers of the textile and light industry. The base of the enterprise has become a training ground for students. The factory laboratory conducted research materials produced not only in the enterprise, but also in other industries.

Cost investors at this stage amounted to about half a billion rubles. And the production will be expanded. With the installation of new equipment line staff will increase by almost half. Now the average salary in the company is 28 thousand rubles.

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The company "Ultrastab" was founded in 2015 and produces a wide range of woven polyester materials for road construction (woven fabric, geogrid with PVC and bitumen impregnated composite materials), and is engaged in the design and development of new high-tech materials for the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, landfills, airports, spaceports and tank ranges.