About us | Ultrastab - production of geotextiles in Russia
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Chairman Of The Board Of Directors
Roman V. Petrov

Durability of roads - our concern!
"ULTRASTAB" - a young, fast growing company, established in the framework of the program of import substitution. We provide a full range of services related to the delivery of materials for objects of different purpose, the design and development of products with special features according to customer requirements.

The company is equipped with the latest German equipment, is located in the textile cluster of Russia - Ivanovo region, so we are actively using the broadest labor and intellectual resources of competent professionals.

"ULTRASTAB" has a huge production, innovation and human resources for the implementation of strategic objectives - expanding the geography of sales and market share. Efficient use of production capacities ensures a stable production of a wide range of geosynthetic materials in the amount of 6 000 000 m2.

The key to success of our company is an integrated approach and constant monitoring of market trends and conclude new exclusive agreements for the supply of the advanced foreign equipment to increase production and storage capacity.

"ULTRASTAB" produces over 40 types of geotextile matirialoav: geogrid, geotextiles and geocomposites, answering the demands of modern geosynthetics market, competitive in price and performance characteristics compared with international counterparts.

To ensure comfortable working with our clients formed a capacious warehouse that allows to avoid fussiness in productive activities and to make the shipment date of order. In order to be closer to our clients, we are on the way of opening of regional offices in the regions and CIS countries. In 2016 it opened "Trading House Ultrastab" that will provide regional clients our company's ongoing professional support specialists, the optimal timing of delivery of a wide range of products meeting the requirements and expectations of customers.

The relationship with our customers and partners is one of the most important factors of our success. We are focused on results, not just words, but actually embodied in reality all the goals and objectives of the company. Currently, we carry out the development of promising new types of geosynthetic materials that have no Russian analogues. New materials are tested in our own laboratory, the Research Institute of the TSC, SRI NM, IvNIIPiK and other leading industry institutions.

We are always open for mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation!