Once again, we are working for the benefit of our small homeland — the Ivanovo region.

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The materials of the Ultrastab were used in the improvement of the central square of one of the oldest cities of the Ivanovo region — in Yuryevets. Geopolotno fabric Ultrastab PP40 was used for separation and reinforcement of layers of road clothing. This material prevents the subsidence of the soil and the pressing of crushed stone into soft soils, increases strength. Covering the area will last longer and will not deform.

Yurievets was founded in 1225, it is a city with a rich history and culture that needs to be preserved. When developing the improvement project of Yurievets, the task was to create a new place of attraction, while preserving the historical appearance of the city. For this purpose, experienced specialists were involved and modern technologies were used. We are glad to be involved in such a large-scale and important project.

Have you been to Yurievets? How do you like the city?