Woven Geotextile ULTRASTAB PP

Geotextile woven ULTRASTAB PP (ULTRASTAB - PP) It is a woven geofabric of various weaves obtained by weaving high-modulus tape polypropylene yarns

By purpose: Reinforcement

By purpose: Separation

By purpose: Covering material

By purpose: Filtering

By industry: Automotive construction

By industry: Railway construction

By industry: Bridge construction

By industry: Industrial and civil construction

By industry: Airport construction

By industry: Construction of dams

By industry: Construction of weir

By industry: Construction of landfills

By industry: Tunnels

Scope of application
Conditional designation
Physical and mechanical characteristics of the material

Scope of application

  • Low creeping
  • Mechanical and physical material properties
  • Resistance to UV radiation and corrosive environments
  • Equal strength factors under slight relative elongation
  • Construction time reduction
  • No special tools for material spreading are needed
  • Overall reduction in the site construction costs
  • Engagement of workers without special qualifications

• Embankment foundation reinforcement, road surface layers separation
• Ballast layer reinforcement
• Reinforcement of various earthworks
• Reinforcement of embankments on weak foundations
• Retaining walls construction
• Separation of various structural layers

• Construction (reconstruction) of the Belbek Airport in Sevastopol, Chief Military Construction Directorate #7
• Reconstruction of M-4 Don Highway city entrances from Moscow via Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar to Novorossiysk. Reconstruction of the A-135 Access Road from the M-4 Don Highway. Southern entrance to Rostov-on-Don, Rostovavtodorstroy, LLC
• Reconstruction of public roads along the Gusinobrodskoye Highway in the Oktyabrsky and Dzerzhinsky districts, Perlit-Stroy, LLC

Conditional designation

IDENTIFICATION CODE EXAMPLE: ULTRASTAB PP 40 Woven Geotextile, Standard 46487778-001-2015, where:
• ULTRASTAB is the geotextile brand
• 40 is the warpwise (machine direction) and fillingwise (crossmachine direction) tensile strength of the material, respectively, kN/m
• PP is the raw material name (polypropylene)
• Standard 46487778-001-2015 is the organization standard number

Physical and mechanical characteristics of the material

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