Geogrid SD

It is a flat polymeric material intended for reinforcing soils and road facilities and for strengthening the foundation of structures which are to withstand high loads or are placed on weak soil. The RD Geogrid is a mesh structure with rectangular cells of the same size and shape and a rigid connection of nodes. Biaxial RD (Road) Geogrid is made of polypropylene by extrusion. The support sheet is uniformly perforated and then stretched in two directions with equal force until square cells are created.

By purpose: Reinforcement

By purpose: Retaining walls

By purpose: Separation

By industry: Automotive construction

By industry: Railway construction

By industry: Bridge construction

By industry: Industrial and civil construction

By industry: Airport construction

By industry: Construction of dams

By industry: Construction of weir

By industry: Construction of landfills

By industry: Tunnels

Scope of application
Conditional designation
Physical and mechanical characteristics of the material

Scope of application

• Reinforcement of structural road surface layers
• Strengthening of the railway embankment foundations
• Area facilities construction
• Roadsides strengthening, roadway widening
• Rockfall protection

• The RD (Road) Geogrid is used in road surface layers. It helps to reduce the following defects of the roadway: the back cracks and wheel track formation, shifting and "sagging" of road foundation layers, uneven subsidence of the foundation on underlying heterogeneous soils
• Using the Geogrid allows to increase the overhaul periods during the site operation, improves the strength of the structure and its bearing capacity.
• The Geogrid helps to reduce the adverse impact of heavy equipment.

Conditional designation

IDENTIFICATION CODE EXAMPLE: RD Geogrid 30/30-40 (P), Standard 46487778-010-2021, where:
• Ultranit-RD (Road) is a brand of road geogrid
• 30/30 is the machine direction and cross-machine direction strength of the material, kN/m • 40 is the cell size, mm
• (P) is the substrate identification
• Standard 46487778-010-2021 is the organization standard number

Physical and mechanical characteristics of the material

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