Geogrid Ultranite Asphalt (without substrate)

ULTRANIT ASPHALT is a geogrid made of high-modulus polyester yarns and impregnated with a polymer-bitumen compound to increase the factor of adhesion with asphalt-concrete, which provides high resistance to tensile stress and contributes to uniform distribution

INSTALLATION GUIDELINES: The geogrid is placed with a slight tension and at least 0.1 m offset from the edge, without misalignments, with at least 0.10-0.15 m sheets overlapping in cross-machine direction and machine direction.
Roll unwinding should be performed after additional securing of the geogrid end part using dowels knocked into the foundation through metal washers with a plug-driving gun or a hammer at 1.0-1.3 width spacing.
The geogrid securing should be done at 3.0- 5.0 m intervals in machine direction and at 1.0-1.3 m intervals in cross-machine direction. If the geogrid is displaced resulting in wave formation, the following technological operations are recommended:
• Spread the asphalt-concrete mixture manually or mechanically (with a sand spreader) in one filling brick layer over the entire surface and perform rolling-on with a combination (pneumatic) roller in 2-3 passes.
• Reduce the geogrid securing interval in the machine direction.

By purpose: Reinforcement

By industry: Automotive construction

By industry: Bridge construction

By industry: Industrial and civil construction

By industry: Airport construction

By industry: Tunnels

Scope of application
Conditional designation
Physical and mechanical characteristics of the material

Scope of application

  • Lower operating costs
  • Prevention of road surface cracking
  • Prevention of wheel track formation and shear deformations
  • Improvement of the general road surface elasticity modulus

• Reinforcement of pavement structures for main and district roads of I-III categories
• Reinforcement of asphalt-concrete pavements of area facilities for various applications • Reinforcement of asphalt-concrete pavements of aerodromes and helicopter pads

• Repair of the A-167 Highway (Kochubey - Neftekumsk - Zelenokumsk - Mineralnye Vody) between 45+000 km and 50+000 km, Republic of Dagestan, KOCHUBEY AVTODOR, LLC
• Construction of the Western Europe–Western China International Transit Corridor
• Total overhaul of the Leninsk-Kuznetsky - Prokopyevsk - Novokuznetsk Highway between 108+000 km and 124+000 km, KuzbassDorStroy, LLC
• Total overhaul of entrance to the Khudoelanskoe settlement (junction of the R-255 Highway at 1,420 km) in Nizhneudinsky District of the Irkutsk Oblast, Sibna, LLC
• Construction of the parking lot in Novosibirsk, Zaeltsovsky District, Continent Shopping Mall, Business Line, LLC

Conditional designation

Ultranit Asphalt Geogrid 50/50-40, Standard 46487778-002-2015, where:
• Ultranit Asphalt is the geogrid brand
• 50/50 is the machine direction and cross-machine direction tensile strength of the material, kN/m
• 40 is the cell size, mm
• Standard 46487778-002-2015 is the organization standard number

Physical and mechanical characteristics of the material

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