There are two available types of the geomembrane: based on low-pressure polyethylene HDPE and based on high-pressure polyethylene LDPE. The geomembrane sheet is formed by extrusion. Then it is cooled on a three-roll calender press which ensures creation of a uniform and homogeneous fabric.
The geomembrane production process includes adding of additive compound, stabilizers and antioxidants to the raw materials. These additives not only make the geomembrane more elastic and durable, but also ensure high resistance to adverse factors. The geomembrane can have a smooth or textured surface. The geomembrane thickness varies from 0.5 to 4 millimeters.

By purpose: Waterproofing

By industry: Automotive construction

By industry: Railway construction

By industry: Bridge construction

By industry: Cleaning of water facilities

By industry: Industrial and civil construction

By industry: Airport construction

By industry: Construction of dams

By industry: Construction of weir

By industry: Construction of landfills

By industry: Tunnels

Scope of application
Conditional designation
Physical and mechanical characteristics of the material

Scope of application

• Construction of industrial waste and municipal solid waste landfills
• Construction of tailings ponds and sludge depositories
• Construction of repositories for radioactive and toxic waste
• Construction of oil and gas pipelines
• Construction of emergency and storage tanks
• Construction of barrages, dams and cut-off curtains
• Waterproofing of buildings foundations and basements
• Construction of road foundations (waterproofing)
• Construction of oil recovery sites
• Creation of artificial water reservoirs
• Construction of silage pits, manure storages and biogas facilities
• Landscape construction

• High tensile strength
• Resistance to aggressive environments, UV radiation, rotting and negative biological impact
• Absolute waterproof
• Resistance to dynamic, static and seismic loads
• Resistance to corrosion
• Resistance to low temperatures (up to -70°С)
• Eco-friendly, non-toxic

Conditional designation

Ultrastab-HDPE Geomembrane 0.5-5х100, Standard 46487778-014-2021, where:
• Ultrastab-HDPE is the HDPE geomembrane brand
• 0.5 is the geomembrane thickness, mm
• 5х100 are roll dimensions (WxD), m
• Standard 46487778-014-2021 is the organization standard number

Physical and mechanical characteristics of the material

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