Reno mattresses

MATTRESS - mattress gabions are one of the gabion structures type, which main feature is a small height compared to the other dimensions (length and width).

By purpose: Reinforcement

By purpose: Erosion control

By purpose: Waterproofing

By industry: Automotive construction

By industry: Railway construction

By industry: Bridge construction

By industry: Cleaning of water facilities

By industry: Industrial and civil construction

By industry: Construction of dams

By industry: Construction of weir

By industry: Construction of landfills

By industry: Tunnels

Scope of application
Conditional designation
Physical and mechanical characteristics of the material

Scope of application

• Protection of riverbeds against erosion
• Strengthening of slopes and scarps
• Retaining walls construction
• Protection of underwater pipelines
• Protection from mudslides, snow avalanches, rockfalls
• Landscaping

• Easy installation - special equipment is not required, the transfer of existing communications or structures is not necessary
• Convenience of transportation - box-shaped gabions are delivered as compact flat packs
• Cost-effectiveness and durability - the price-quality ratio allows to reduce the operating costs of the structure by preventing emergency situations (destruction of embankments, mudslides, rockfalls, etc.)
• Environmental performance - gabion structures are eco-friendly and present no hazards for the ecosystem

Conditional designation

Ultrastab GMP-M-4х2х0.17-С80-2.7- ZAMM, Standard 46478887-005-2021, where:
• Ultrastab GMP-M (Gabion Mesh Products - Mattress) is the brand of a mattress mesh gabion
• 4х2х0.17 are LхWхH, m
• С80 is the cell size, mm
• 2.7 is the wire diameter, mm
• ZAMM is the coating identification (zinc alloy with aluminum and mischmetal)
• Standard 46478887-005-2021 is the organization standard number

Physical and mechanical characteristics of the material

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